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guide-to-relax is an online health resource portal that is majorly into advocating people with the highly effective relaxation techniques. We extensively deal with stress relieving tips that has gained wide spread acceptance amongst the people in the recent past. We owe our strength to the team of stress experts with extraordinary expertise in suggesting the best stress relief ideas and suggestions. Our suggestions and recommendations on busting stress has been well-received by masses. We undertake an elaborate research to decipher the right relaxation technique, upon which we test it in people to identify its potential. Only when the results are positive, we share the respective technique to the outside world.

We guarantee every individual that experiencing complete relaxation and relief from stress is not a distant dream, provided if the right remediation technique is being followed. Our relaxation experts have broad expertise and continue to evolve constantly, thereby making themselves aware of the issues that forbids modern human beings to relax making them obsessed with loads of stress.

Subject Expertise- The cornerstone of banks extensively on subject related experts who are well-known for their understanding and efficiency. We aim to deliver the best source of information to those people who are in an unrelaxed state and battling severe stress condition haplessly. We traverse towards this objective and no leave stone unturned in fulfilling our aspiration. The multitude of tips, information, suggestions and recommendations listed in our portal are an outcome of strenuous well-coordinated efforts put in by our team of subject experts.

We have a structured process through which we comprehend the underlying issues that abstains a person from relaxing to the fullest extent and making him/her prone to unbearable stress. Indeed, suggests readers with the best stress relief products that can be taken over a period of time to contain excess stress that has a devastating effect on the day-to-day functioning of an individual.

Relaxation- A pre-imminent need in every person’s life

According to health experts at, it is relaxation that guarantees the physical and mental well-being of an individual. The modern lifestyle burden our minds with too many things at any given point of time, thus complicating our lives and drowning us in stress. The best possible means to overcome this is through proper relaxation. However, there are variety of relaxation techniques that can be incorporated into our daily routine, through which relaxed feelings can be experienced.

The popular stress relieving techniques

There are several stress busting techniques widely in use. Some are complex, whilst others are simple to practice. There is a perceived misconception that complex stress relieving techniques are the ones that offer extraordinary relief. That’s completely untrue. In fact, simple stress relief exercises are the ones that can assure lasting relief from stress and guarantees peace of mind. We at, recommend the top 8 simple stress relieving techniques that can be easily incorporated into the daily affairs of life.

  1. Undertaking short exercise
  2. Sound sleep
  3. Taking deep breaths
  4. Listening to music
  5. Chatting with closest buddy
  6. Meditation
  7. Indulging in laughter
  8. Consuming Tea

We suggest individuals to try at least any one of the techniques for experiencing relief from stress and to have relaxed feelings. These tips can work wonders in people battling excess stress, which in turn will enable them to be stress-free. recommends individuals to stay tuned to the website for more updates on relaxation and stress-relieving techniques. It is our endeavor to play the role of a catalyst in enhancing the lives of those deprived of mental peace.